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Fred. Olsen Travel Academy: Meet Kit

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of the FOT Travel Academy!

Here we will introduce you to Christopher, affectionately known as Kit. Based in our Thorpe Travel branch in Norwich, Kit joined us with previous retail and customer service skills but with no experience in the travel industry. His passion for travel was clear, so he was the perfect candidate for our Travel Academy program, designed to provide tailored training, our program serves as a gateway for individuals like Kit to launch a rewarding career in the travel industry.

Kit has recently completed his Travel Academy Training course and over a span of three very busy months, he attended weekly training sessions, workshops, and hands-on experiences. From navigating the intricacies of on-the-job training to immersing himself in the diverse products we offer, Kit has emerged equipped with the essential knowledge and skills required for a successful career in the travel industry.

Join us as we learn about Kit's journey, exploring how the Fred. Olsen Travel Academy is helping individuals to turn their passion for travel into a fulfilling career.

Tell us about why you wanted a career in the Travel Industry?  

I’ve always had a passion for travel and a fascination for the travel industry. The idea of being able to help others plan their dream holidays and create memories is incredibly rewarding to me.  

Could you share with us your initial impressions of the Travel Academy program and how your journey within it commenced?

The Travel Academy has been vital in my introduction to the travel industry and the knowledge I have learned is invaluable. From day one I was warmly welcomed into the Travel Academy and the Fred. Olsen Family and since that first initial day my knowledge has jumped leaps and bounds with the help of industry experts and insider knowledge to guide me through the process.

How have you found the training sessions that you have undertaken? Has it given you knowledge and skills of the travel industry that you can apply to your daily work?

Since day one the knowledge that I have been given has helped me enormously in me getting to the stage I am now. The Travel Academy has allowed me to get the bookings that I wouldn’t have necessary have got without the information from all involved. As they say, ‘Knowledge is key!’

Could you walk us through some of the key topics and activities you've engaged in during your Travel Academy journey? Which ones have resonated with you the most?

Just to name a few: Sustainability, social media, specialised travel needs, mystery shopping, ship visits, quote taking and much more. Along with weekly webinars with some of the best leading suppliers in the industry to give us the most up to date knowledge and resources they have to offer.  Our weekly one-to-ones with AS Training have without a doubt been tremendously beneficial in getting us ready to be part of the amazing travel industry.

What support and resources are available to help you with your learning?

AS Training, one-to-one support, operator webinars, management and colleague support. A whole host of information, from many different resources.

Has the learning been engaging and varied?

Every week in the training sessions we learnt something new, they were engaging and varied and delivered in a manor that was informative, casual and by trainers that have firm industry knowledge and experience. It also helps they were super sweet.

Share with us some of the standout moments from your time in the Travel Academy. Were there any particular highlights or memorable experiences?

My time with the Travel Academy has helped shape me to where I am today; confident in what I am doing. My most standout moment has to be the Fred. Olsen Cruise Line ship visit, where a group of us had the opportunity to visit beautiful Bolette in all its glory. Least not forget the memorable moments in our training sessions with Katy and Kelly at AS Training, and not forgetting Sharne and Lori too.

Have you had the opportunity to embark on any travel adventures or first-hand experiences with the products offered? If so, how did those experiences contribute to your learning and understanding of the industry?

I was lucky enough to experience Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines first-hand this year with a ship visit on Bolette where I got to sample to delights of life on board with a tour around the ship and to cap it off an amazing three-course meal. Seeing the ship in the flesh has given me the knowledge to pass on to our customers, so I can be confident in what I’m selling, and shout about all the wonderful things these ships have to offer.

For individuals aspiring to pursue a career in travel without prior industry experience, what advice would you offer based on your own journey and experiences within the Travel Academy program?

Give it a try! The great thing about Fred. Olsen and The Travel Academy is that you don’t need experience in the travel industry. All you need is a thirst to learn, willingness to experience new things and most importantly a passion to travel; the rest will come naturally. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.


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